Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Infamous Cake Pops...

Here is a cake pop I salvaged from work. I am not a great photgrapher, but hopefully you get the point!!

I found the recipe on Bakerella's blog. They took 3 days for me to make, but I did them in steps, so it's not like I spent a lot of time each day on them. First you bake the cake (per box), let it cool. The next day you mash up the cake with some cream cheese frosting. I stuck it in the fridge for a bit and then rolled them into balls. I then left them in the freezer overnight. I would then take a few out of the freezer, stick a lolipop stick in them, dip them in the almond bark, and set them up to dry. They turned out pretty good, and then I decopaged (sp?) a green plant foam thingermajigger (not sure what they are called, but you probably know what I am talking about...) with Valentine's Day tissue paper and stuck the cake pops in that. Here is the cake pop I kept to take a picture of...

I dipped it in almond bark colored pink. I tried candy melts, but I seem to be a little "candy melt" deficient, because it did not work for me. The almond bark was thinner and was easier (for me) to use.

The delicious center of the cake pop...

These are super good, and not too hard to make (reiterating that I made them)... They looked really cute all put together on the thingy... And you don't have to put them on the sticks, you can make them in all different shapes, and different cake mixes too! And they are YUMMY!!


Here is Trent's Birthday cake... Emme was excited about it!!

A better view of the cake...

Blowing out the candle with Daddy!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Busy, Busy

We have been a busy little household this week! This last weekend Emme spent Friday and Saturday in Tyler with Grandma and Grandpa so we could clean the house. She was a very good little girl for them! And we got so much done without her here to distract us!

We had our first home study visit with our social worker. We were a little nervous, because we didn't know if our house was "up to par" with the home study standards! Well, the worry was for nothing because we did just fine. She mostly just wanted a quick tour and just sit and talk to us. Hopefully the rest of the process goes as smoothly as this first visit!

I have been also been baking, baking and then baking some more! Trent's birthday is Thursday, so I started working on his cake today. My sister also showed me these cake pops on the Bakerella website that I decided to try (which turned out super cute) for Valentine's Day treats.

So now I am sitting in our house that smells like freshly baked cake, with clean floors, and a husband taking care of our cranky teething baby! Life couldn't be better right now!