Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Life According to Miss Em

Emme has a very exciting life in our little house (well, exciting to her, I guess). Here is a little of what she does throughout the day!

She generally wakes up about 6:30 am for food and some snuggle/Mickey Mouse Clubhouse time. She eats, gets dressed, and we have some serious play time. Her favorite activities include (in no particular order, because frankly, it depends on the day):

Play with the Ball Popper (thanks Aunt Cindy), and not only is this fun for Emme, Maddie also thoroughly enjoys the ball popper. So if I want to occupy two little minds at once, this is the preferred toy of choice...

Do you like how she palms the ball? I don't know if that's a big deal or not, but Trent and Grandma think it's pretty cool!

Another great toy is the walker like thingie, to practice her walking.

This toy is pretty cool, except that we are usually concentrating on her feet...

And she is concentrating on the steering wheel and horn. Oh well, it keeps us occupied!!

Batter up! Her bat and ball are pretty exciting (to chew on). The funny thing is, she LOVES the pink ball from the ball popper, and sometimes the red one and that is it... I don't know why!

Oh, all this playing makes her tired!

So she sleeps...

And not always very pretty!

And when we wake up, what do we do? We dance!!

And wave!

Isn't she graceful?!?

So poetic!

Now, she's over it...


  1. What a little sweetie!!! I love the life in the day of Em!!! We NEED to get our girls together sometime soon!!!

  2. Very cute post! Ruby loves her ball popper too. Great toy!

  3. Way cute - how fun to play with such great toys!