Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How Stressed is too Stressed?

Because I think I have reached my limit! We are trying to complete our homestudy, collect our dossier documents, refinance our house, correct my student loans (for some reason, the last few months, our bank has decided to screw them up), and keep up with the busy summer months (weddings, graduations, showers, oh my!). We are also working on the Brookings County Relay for Life, so I have been making calls and trying to collect food donations for that. I am now on about 1-2 breakdown a week, but hopefully something gets approved this week (probably not going to happen since it's almost the weekend). And once we get something approved I might skip my weekly breakdown (fingers crossed)!!!

Other than the paperwork/phone work overload, we are doing great! Emme is growing by leaps and bounds, becoming closer to a toddler everyday. She is a little creeper now, she started crawling over a week ago and hasn't really stopped since! We had been waiting on her crawling for months now (she would just rock on her hands and knees, but never move) so I decided that she would never crawl. We were at my cousin Ashley's bridal shower playing a game. I looked down and there is my little Emme, crawling across the floor. Now I didn't want to seem like that psycho new mom that has to point out the "amazing" things her child does, so I kept quiet, picked her up and put her next to me again. Then that little girl just cruised across the floor again, and I couldn't hold it in anymore. "I'm sorry everyone, but I just have to point out that this is the first time my baby has crawled!" And I am not putting words in any one's mouth, but everyone at the shower was truly amazed and thought my baby was amazing! (I hope I read every one's expressions right, because that is what I saw on their faces)....

I will be looking through my pics for updates on Lil' Miss Em, and post them soon (I have been on a camera high the last few weeks, so I will try to post some of my faves up this weekend). Till then, you will just have to picture in your mind how precious she is... Ahh, isn't she cute?!?

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