Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What have we been up to?!?

I know that is what so many of you are asking! No? Well, I will tell you anyways!!

We have been very busy bees lately in the Guida household. We have had every weekend packed full of activities like weddings (Congrats Kari & Nathan, and Ashley & Beau), adoption fundraisers, and preparing for a very special day. Somebody is having a birthday soon & we are having a grill out in our back yard. Yes, I turn 29 & we thought it would be a great idea to have everyone over.... Just kidding! My birthday doesn't matter now that we have Little Miss demanding ALL of the attention (and trust me, with this little almost toddler, she wants A LOT of attention)! So we have her first birthday party this weekend, and we have been getting our disastrous yard put together again.

The divine Miss Em is doing great though. She is trying to say more words. Like Dada, Mom, K (for Kitty), Mmmm (for moo), Hi comes out sometimes & she shakes her head "No" (I wonder where she heard that word, probably when she tries to pull out the cords from the wall, or she tries to drink out of the dog dish, or she tries to help me take things out of the oven). She has swim lessons now & she doesn't mind the water, unless she has to float on her back. Let's just say that we have lots of scratch marks on our chests from her trying to sit up! Also, baby food is so one month ago with our little MissE. She likes table food, especially pizza. Here is a word of caution... Do NOT expect to have a "peaceful" piece of pizza with little Miss around! She will scream, she will smack her lips, she will just grab your hands and take it from you!!

Let me see if I have any recent pics of our little MissE PiggiE...

Well there, I scrounged up a few for you! These will have to do until her party this weekend, then I am sure we will have more to share!!

On the adoption side of things we don't have any news... Oh wait, I haven't told you yet! We are now OFFICIALLY waiting!! Woo hoo!! So now it's like I am officially "pregnant" with our second child from Ethiopia!! Except that this gestational period is twice as long as it was with Emme, but much less vomiting (which both my knees and Trent's not so good bedside manner are very thankful for, but the company that manufactures "Tums" is slightly disappointed)!

So that is the best I can tell you for now! Hopefully in a few weeks I will be better at posting!!

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