Monday, October 12, 2009

Emme turns ONE!!

Okay, okay... She turned one awhile ago! I just downloaded my Mom's pictures,& I am just now getting them posted! So, without further ado: The Birthday Girl...
(hold for applause)

It was a little sunny that day (who would have guessed, a day in July would have been sunny)! Here she is with her birthday balloons...

Look at the pretty flowers! Moss roses are her favorite to pick (sorry Grandma & Grandpa Guida for picking all of your moss roses).

She started to get a little tired, so the smiles were hard to come by... But her look of confusion was pretty much a constant!

The tables were set (with cupcake bites)...

The cupcakes were ready... Little Miss E picked out her napkins, at the party store we heard "K, K, K, teeeee" and there were the kitty napkins! They may have been ugly, but I couldn't say "no" to that!!

Sideshow Maddie was rarin' to go (or not)...

Her present from Mommy & Daddy was ready!
The kids start to show up! Yeahhh!!

Oooo, the water table is a hit!!

And look, so is the picnic table!

"But wait" you ask, "where is the Miss E?" Well folks, in all the preparation of the big day, Miss E decided to not take a nap until 10 minutes before everyone got there! So we waited an hour & then we woke her up. This was her face when she saw all of the kids playing in her backyard...
"Oh my, why are all of these kids here? To play with me, you say?!? Where to start..."

May we should start her with the picnic table...

Or maybe the water table with her cousin Braydon...

Next up, presents!! Here she is opening her Baby Stella (thanks Aunt Cindy & family)!!

And then she tried out her Dora chair, it's still a favorite around our house (thank you Judd, Jess, Ben, Ava, Nycole, Chris, Sam & Braydon)!!

She REALLY likes this chair!!

Tryin' out her NEW trike from Grandma & Grandpa Guida, thank you!! It took awhile for her to get over the amazing tassles, but now she really likes to push it around!!

And lastly, it's time for cake! She had NO idea what was going on... Let's just say she is not used to sitting in her backyard, in her highchair, with lots of people looking at her, singing (they sang beautiful, mind you), with a huge cake within reach... To say the least, she was overwhelmed...

But once she got to taste that cake, "MMMM" was all that she was thinking!!

"Emme must keep eating, I never get this much cake, KEEP GOING"!!

"You're not trying to steal my cake, are you"?

"Okay Daddy, I will share some with you..."

And that, ladies & gentlemen, is Little Miss E's birthday party in a blog post!!


  1. Adorable!!! Sorry we missed it! Looks like it was tons of fun!!!! What are you doing this weekend??? Wanna maybe meet up in Sioux Falls???

  2. Where do you want to meet? We might be able to make a trip on Saturday!

  3. So cute Katie!
    I love her face in the chair! What a cute smile!
    Hope we get to see you guys and her sometime soon!