Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

We had a wonderful Halloween night! We were very surprised at how much Miss E loved Trick or Treating. I was thinking we would go to one house, Miss E would get shy, it would get cold, and we would run home to Grandma's to hand out candy. Nope, we made it all the way around the block, and she was grabbing handfuls of candy by the end!
Here is Miss E celebrating Halloween this year....

Leaves are so much fun!

1... 2.... 3.... JUMP!

Introducing... Abby Cadabby (aka "a butterfly"). No one knows Abby Cadabby, so they all thought she was a butterfly. Whatever she is, we all agree that she is SUPER CUTE!!

Walking to our first house...

Trick or Treat?

YEAH!! It's a TREAT!!
Happy Halloween from the Guida's!


  1. Too cute...thanks for sharing and glad to hear Emme had a blast!!!

  2. OMG! She's easily the cutest child in the entire world! She's so excited!