Monday, November 2, 2009

Emme's Room

Today, I wanted to showcase Emme's room. We (and by "we" I obviously mean "Trent") put a lot of work into this room & it is my favorite room in our house! We started working on it when I was 6 months pregnant, and we finished up the last of it the week of her birthday party. We took some time off in between (who knew taking care of a baby would take all of our time away)!

So here is the photo tour:

We will start out with the crib. We bought her crib & dresser at Babytown. I was not the one who decided to buy a crib, Trent got very excited when we stopped there one day because they were having a sale on floor models. We picked out black because it could go for a boy or a girl (I think we bought it a month before we found out what we were having). So here is the crib & some word art I made with good old construction paper & clip frames.

We painted the room pink & green, because we (or should I say "I") liked the colors & we thought it would be a quick fix if she surprised us by being a boy! But she was pretty predictable & kept the original colors.

So as we move around the room, you see some hangy thingies on the wall, a picture frame I made for her, & her dresser. Her first ballet costume is hanging on the dresser.

And then there is her rocking chair, a side table I decorated with black & red ribbon, and a rocking chair we bought for $20 and painted black.

And the final touch (that I love) is her wash stand that we painted black. I keep her Fancy Nancy books, her fancy stuff (pretty shoes, sunglasses, purses, etc), and her stuffed animals on it.
Here is Miss E showing how she loves to rock in her chair...
And here she is doing her favorite thing in her room, taking everything off her side table. We find her picture frames all over the house. Now she plays with her alarm clock all the time (we keep static radio on for her when she sleeps), so at random times the alarm clock will go off in her room. She can hit the snooze button pretty good, so every ten minutes we just send her in to turn it off!
Emme would love to give all of you a personal tour of her room, so please stop on by anytime!


  1. Super cute! She's a lucky girl to have such a wonderful room and such wonderful parents!

  2. Everything is beautiful, the 3 of you and the room ;)