Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mmm... Popsicles!!

So I was going to post this last night, but our cable & Internet went out! Ergh, I was SOOOO bored!! Oh well, I guess you can say that I survived (but not very happy) and you get your blog post a day late!

We found some mini popsicles that are the perfect size for little Miss E. She really enjoys them!! I wasn't sure if you would believe me, so I took pictures (just like any Mom would, right?!?)...

Here she is, just sitting in her rocker, eating a popsicle, shootin' the breeze, you know, a normal Wednesday night....

Ooooo, it is so good!

I think she might feel brain freeze coming on.

"AAHHH! What is this feeling?!? My brain hurts!"
"Much better, that was fun"!!
"Can I have another one Mom?"

I warned you guy's that we are pretty boring, so these are the type of posts you will be getting through the month of November! I know, you guys are sooo excited for the next one! I am actually trying to think about some adoption related topics to post about soon. We have an Adoption & Foster Care fair coming up in Sioux Falls on the 14th, hopefully I can come up with some topics from there. If anyone can think of topic, or question, just let me know & I would love to talk about it! See you tomorrow!


  1. We eat those popsicles when we play outside in the summer! They are SO perfect for the kids, and they are slow-melting, too.