Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Things we have been doing...

Our camera is now broken, so I don't have very many pictures to post because I rely on our video camera to take pictures or I wait for my Mom's pictures! So I went through the pictures that we do have & thought I would update everyone on our humble little abode.

Here it is...

Now many of you may not know what our house looked like in May. Trust me, it didn't look like this! And we still have a lot more we would like to do. What did we do you ask? Well, we had a GINORMOUS evergreen growing in the front yard, about two feet from our front porch. Since our house was barely wider than the tree, you didn't really see the house. So we took the tree out. And by "we" I obviously mean that I had NOTHING to do with it. Trent, with the help of his Dad & brother, spent a nice Saturday (it was really nice for me because I believe I went shopping that day with Miss E) taking it down, along with one in our backyard. So then voila! We had a house that could be viewed from the street! YEAH!!

Oh wait, there is the issue of having a huge hole in our front yard... This is when we discovered Norm's Greenhouse. Seriously, it is awesome there! It is located in Aurora & the plants there are beautiful, not to mention fairly low priced. So we decided to put in a rose garden over the dirt & hole in the front yard. Norm's had so many to choose from, I never realized that many types of roses existed! We ended up getting six rose bushes to put in around our empty space.

Also, last year we had bought some stone to make a little patio to the side of the porch, so Trent & his parents put that in (again, I didn't have anything to do with it, you might notice a theme here). And we put out a bench that Trent made, along with some other pots filled with flowers that we bought at Norm's & Lowe's.

Here is the "All the Rage" rose bush. Again, my camera is broken, so sorry for the poor picture quality!

Here are Baby E's roses "Hope for Humanity". They are a gorgeous red color.

Here is Emme eating... ergh, I mean SMELLING one the roses.

We all work very hard at maintaining the roses.... Some of us may water the sidewalk a little more than the actual roses, but at least she tries!

Last month we also started fostering dogs for the Humane Society. We have had 2 dogs come through our house. The first was an 80 pound one year old lab with no training... He wasn't a handful AT ALL!! Just kidding! He was a fun dog to have for a few weeks & he found a young couple that is over the moon for him! Our second foster dog was with us for two days, and then our friend Karla snatched him up! Bear is having fun in his new home & he gets to have a sleepover at our house this coming week while Karla is out of town! Here is the picture that sold them...

And finally, a month or two ago we went out for some Ethiopian food with our friends Grethe and Leah! We went to Fasika in St. Paul & it was awesome! I have been craving it & can't wait to go back!
Emme enjoying her injera!

Emme & Leah - having so much fun!

That is all I have for now! I have just gotten Emme's birthday party pictures, so I will post those soon!