Wednesday, November 11, 2009

In a Slump...

So, I'm not very good at this "blog every day" assignment, sorry! We have been having some "waiting woes" lately & it was topped off by our agency not only extending wait times for infants, but also closing the program to new applicants wanting infants, and extending the time between referral and travel to get the child... This just scares me a little bit because the process has changed so much from a year ago when we first learned about it. Now it looks like we will be waiting another year and a half for a referral & then 5-6 months after that to go and get our baby!

So what to do with this wait? I don't know! We have an Adoption & Foster Care Fair this weekend in Sioux Falls. We were asked to share our story on fundraising during one of the round tables. We had a wonderful time at last year's fair & we are looking forward to this year's. I think this year we are going to focus on learning more about foster care. We will probably start our PRIDE courses for fostering, so we can start providing respite care on the weekends. I have been also participating in monthly webinars through our agency. I am getting very antsy with this wait, so I have been devouring any type of education I can get!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Wonderful Charity

As we enter the holiday season, I am going to post some alternative gift giving ideas. My first is about this charity, which provides postpartum hemorrhage medicine to midwives in Ethiopia. Obviously this is a charity that is very close to my heart!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mmm... Popsicles!!

So I was going to post this last night, but our cable & Internet went out! Ergh, I was SOOOO bored!! Oh well, I guess you can say that I survived (but not very happy) and you get your blog post a day late!

We found some mini popsicles that are the perfect size for little Miss E. She really enjoys them!! I wasn't sure if you would believe me, so I took pictures (just like any Mom would, right?!?)...

Here she is, just sitting in her rocker, eating a popsicle, shootin' the breeze, you know, a normal Wednesday night....

Ooooo, it is so good!

I think she might feel brain freeze coming on.

"AAHHH! What is this feeling?!? My brain hurts!"
"Much better, that was fun"!!
"Can I have another one Mom?"

I warned you guy's that we are pretty boring, so these are the type of posts you will be getting through the month of November! I know, you guys are sooo excited for the next one! I am actually trying to think about some adoption related topics to post about soon. We have an Adoption & Foster Care fair coming up in Sioux Falls on the 14th, hopefully I can come up with some topics from there. If anyone can think of topic, or question, just let me know & I would love to talk about it! See you tomorrow!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Emme's Room

Today, I wanted to showcase Emme's room. We (and by "we" I obviously mean "Trent") put a lot of work into this room & it is my favorite room in our house! We started working on it when I was 6 months pregnant, and we finished up the last of it the week of her birthday party. We took some time off in between (who knew taking care of a baby would take all of our time away)!

So here is the photo tour:

We will start out with the crib. We bought her crib & dresser at Babytown. I was not the one who decided to buy a crib, Trent got very excited when we stopped there one day because they were having a sale on floor models. We picked out black because it could go for a boy or a girl (I think we bought it a month before we found out what we were having). So here is the crib & some word art I made with good old construction paper & clip frames.

We painted the room pink & green, because we (or should I say "I") liked the colors & we thought it would be a quick fix if she surprised us by being a boy! But she was pretty predictable & kept the original colors.

So as we move around the room, you see some hangy thingies on the wall, a picture frame I made for her, & her dresser. Her first ballet costume is hanging on the dresser.

And then there is her rocking chair, a side table I decorated with black & red ribbon, and a rocking chair we bought for $20 and painted black.

And the final touch (that I love) is her wash stand that we painted black. I keep her Fancy Nancy books, her fancy stuff (pretty shoes, sunglasses, purses, etc), and her stuffed animals on it.
Here is Miss E showing how she loves to rock in her chair...
And here she is doing her favorite thing in her room, taking everything off her side table. We find her picture frames all over the house. Now she plays with her alarm clock all the time (we keep static radio on for her when she sleeps), so at random times the alarm clock will go off in her room. She can hit the snooze button pretty good, so every ten minutes we just send her in to turn it off!
Emme would love to give all of you a personal tour of her room, so please stop on by anytime!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I won!

I won a JunkPosse gift certificate!! I haven't been this excited since the time I won a TV in college!! At that time I kept getting calls from Hy Vee, but I wasn't answering the phone because I thought I had written a bad check... Finally the manager got a hold of me and told me that I won a TV!! I was SO shocked, because (not only was I relieved to not have written a bad check) I thought I had entered to win a giant teddy bear!

Needless to say that I was excited then & I am even more excited now!! I love Tracy's work over at JunkPosse. She designed the pendant that Trent gave me for our anniversary. It says "Expecting from Africa", and I love it because it is my one sign that tells the world that I am an expectant mother. Please check out her beautiful work! And a HUGE THANK YOU to Tracy!!


I am going to try this... It's National Blog Posting Month (read more about it here), and the goal is to post every day in the month of November. Well, I don't know if I can do it, considering I have a hard enough time posting once a month, but I am going to give it a shot!

I guess today we were pretty low key. We stayed in Sioux Falls, so this morning we went to Target & Toys R Us to see what we can do for Christmas. We then came home, took a nap, and then went to Emme's friend's birthday. Happy Birthday Marina!! Emme had lots of fun & made tons of new friends. She showed off her dancing skills, & got to pet a cute little puppy! She is now tired, but with the time change we are trying to keep her up a little longer!

Maybe this is why I don't post as much, we don't really lead that exciting of a life!!

I will have to start planning for what I will post tomorrow! I have been meaning to post pics of Miss E's room (since we finally finished it about 2 months ago). I bet you can't wait!

See you then!