Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Miss E. has Feelings Too

A couple of months ago we borrowed one of the Pigeon books by Mo Willems, The Pigeon has Feeling Too, from the library. Well, this brought on a lot of talk about feelings and how we express them.

The plus side to these talks, has made Emme aware of other people's feelings. For example, when Miss E. has seen me cry over the last couple of weeks (not a lot of tears, and all happy, but not always pretty, tears), she comes up to me, wraps her arms around me, and pats me on the back (well, her arms usually only fit around my neck). Then I just start crying harder, because it is just TOO sweet!

Another side effect is that Miss E. has become a little actress (she likes drama, so we should have expected as much). She likes to show off her "many" emotions. Okay, okay she only has three faces down... But we are trying to work on "angry" and it just comes out like "sad". So I guess she won't win an Oscar by the time she is 2, oh well, there is always next year!

I finally have video to show off the many sides of Miss E, so you can finally see just how brilliant she really is (and that is not her Mom talking, oh wait, it is)!


Reading to Elmo


Friday, April 2, 2010

The Call

Who knew a phone call could change your life so much? I keep thinking back to the day we got the call, how I woke up that morning having no idea that by noon I would be the mother of two! Starting out the day, I thought that my hardest decision for the day would be deciding what to wear...

You see, Emme and I were on vacation. We took the week off to visit my sister's family in Illinois. It was Thursday, we were relaxing and I knew that we would be heading home soon. Our only plan for that day was to visit my nephew's school over lunch. All week I had promised my nephew Will that we would deliver a Shamrock milkshake and a cheeseburger to him at school. Thursday was his last day at school for the week, so I HAD to keep my promise. My sister works at school over lunch, so I dropped her off at work and then I had an hour to myself. I realized that I forgot my phone, so I ran home to grab it (because I am that person who feels like they are missing an arm if they don't have their phone).

Once I grabbed my phone I noticed that I had a voicemail. I was debating on checking my messages, because we didn't have much time left. But curiosity got to me, so I checked. It was our social worker. I thought she was just checking in, and since I was on my way out the door I was debating on giving her a call back. I dialed her number quick while I was locking up, because she made an interesting "give me a call back before my 12:00 meeting if you can" comment within her message. She usually doesn't give me a time to call her back. But I still didn't think it was THE call, I just figured she only had a short time span in which to talk for the day.

So I call her back, she answers as I am putting Emme into the car. I'm lifting Emme midair when I hear the words I wasn't expecting to hear "Katie, we have a possible referral for your family". WHAT!?! I put Emme back down on the ground and I just started crying and repeating "Seriously?!?" in a very high pitched voice (honestly didn't know my voice could get that high). Then I just babbled, I'm not sure about what. And I do remember Hayley telling me that I wasn't going to remember anything from the conversation. Which, for the most part, was true! The only words I remember are "It's a boy" and "Four months". Otherwise, she completely lost me! I just kept thinking "I have to call Trent, I have to call Trent"!! I guess I do remember her telling me that she would email me his information, because I was also trying to figure out where the closest computer was. My sister's was right inside, but I needed the password. Crap, I needed to call my sister! But first call, Trent....

I called Trent as fast as my shaking hands would let me. Luckily he answered, but it was very loud in the background. And I was hoping he wasn't busy. Sometimes when I call him at work I get a "Katie, I'm going to have to call you back in 5 minutes" before I can even say hello, and I was NOT going to take that kind of behavior today!! So he answered, and I just blurted out "Trent are you busy? Because this is kind of an emergency" (and remember I was still crying at this point).

Well, I guess I scared my husband a little, because he said he started to head for his car to drive and save me from the accident that he thought I was in! But before he got very far I blurted "we have a baby", and he said "WHAT?!?" To which I replied "Hayley just called me and we have a referral". And he said "Katie, is that really considered an emergency?" Well, yeah, but a GOOD emergency!! I asked if he had access to a computer, but he didn't right away and he was REALLY busy at work so he couldn't get away for a couple of hours... Excuse me?!? A couple of hours?!? I said (in a very weak voice) "so do you want me to wait for you?" And that man I love said "no, I am not going to make you wait, just look at the information as soon as you can! I will call when I have a chance to look". Oh I knew right then and there I married this man because he knows me THAT well!

Then I had a dilemma... I had 15 minutes to take lunch to my nephew, and I wasn't sure if I could drive. So I called my sister and said "I can't bring him lunch, we just got our referral"!! Her response: "WHAT?!?"... Kind of the universal response to the news around here, eh? She was very hesitant and said in a weak voice "yeah that's fine if you don't come, but I don't have anything for Will to eat then for lunch"... Crap, I guess the boy needs to eat, huh? I PROMISED him that shake, and I think that promise got him out the door to school... "Okay, I will bring him lunch, Emme is probably hungry too". Oh yeah, my daughter... I forgot about her! I look down and she is just pacing up and down the sidewalk, oblivious to the big news our family just received. I realized that I had been following right behind her, pacing back and forth on the sidewalk, crying my eyes out. Oh Lord, I hope the neighbor's weren't watching!

I then drove to McDonald's (I think), drove to school (kind of remember doing that), gave Will and Emme lunch (that's what they tell me), got the password from my sister (somehow I remembered it), and then drove home (unless someone else drove me). I sat down at the computer and checked my email. And you are going to have to trust me on this one, I laid eyes on the most BEAUTIFUL baby boy you will ever see (barring my beautiful nephews, of course)!

He was perfect, and I couldn't believe that he was ours!! Oh how I wanted to share this with Trent! So I waited for his call... Around 2:00 he called me, and he wanted to see his son! Well, Trent is not what you would call "tech savvy", and he has never checked our email account before... EVER... Needless to say that it took us 20 MINUTES to log him into our account! I guess we should have practiced this beforehand, but in a perfect world I would have been home with Trent to see our baby for the first time! But to hear Trent's laugh when he saw our baby was AMAZING!! I knew that he was in love, just as I was!!

I just keep reliving that day, and how amazing it was. I still can't believe how low key it started, and then ended up being the most precious day (it was right next to the day I saw Emme's face for the first time). It was a truly miraculous day, and I can't wait to show you my son's picture!