Monday, May 24, 2010

Waiting, waiting, and what was that? OH, more waiting!

A quick update on Baby E. We had our case submitted to court, until there was a snafu in our paperwork! So it was taken out of court until the paperwork was corrected. It is now all ready, and is on it's way to Addis to get submitted to court. Hopefully we will hear this week on whether it was submitted and we have NO idea when our court date will be.

We will now travel twice, because our paperwork was not submitted to court prior to May 8th. So we are now getting ready for 2 trips to Ethiopia this summer (maybe into fall). With the new process, we will get a court date for the birth family, once they pass court we will be assigned our court date, and then we can plan our first trip to Ethiopia. Our first trip will be 6 days total (that is including travel), and our second trip will be 7 days total. Between the two trips we will have probably 6-8 weeks, but really we have no idea because of how new the two trip process is.

So please keep our family in your thoughts and prayers as venture on this new journey for our family. We are just itching to bring our baby home!! We still only have the first two pictures that we received in our referral paperwork, and I stare at them everyday! He is such a beautiful little guy, and I cannot wait to hold him!

We will keep you updated as we hear more!

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  1. Waiting on court paperwork with hard!!! Praying for your family and all the details! Soon!!!