Sunday, June 13, 2010

For You Dad

I miss you everyday, and I can't imagine life without you. I know that you are watching over our family as we regain our footing here on earth and venture out into reality without you. Feel free to nudge us in the right direction if we are looking lost, because we don't exactly know what to do without you.

During this time of grief, we are clinging to our family's story. A story where you will always be at the forefront. The times I remember with you range from warm and cozy memories, to adventurous tales, to times I don't always want to remember. But no matter the memory, the journey you led me on made me exactly who I am today. Because of you I have learned to have strength in times of adversity, perseverance in times of humility, and humor in times of sorrow. Thank you for these amazing lessons, we have needed these skills now more than ever.

And thank you for being a husband that could make Mom laugh, a Dad that would be there as soon as we needed something, and a Grandpa that would ALWAYS be there to dunk cookies with his grandkids. We have said it before, and we say it again...

We love you,
We miss you,
You are in our hearts forever!

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