Thursday, July 15, 2010

Do you see this mouth?

How cute is this little mouth? I bet you are REALLY excited to see the rest of him! Well, someday you will be able to because...


Can you believe I just wrote that?!? Because I did, and I still don't believe that I wrote that!!

We will be traveling on the 24th & arriving on the 25th in Addis. We are not sure of our schedule, but we do know that Baby E has been moved to Addis now! This means we get an extra day with him!!! And I get to see that little smile, and I get to tickle his little tummy! And then we get to do the funnest thing ever... Go in front of a judge and answer whatever questions they have for our family! Doesn't that sound exciting (I'm trying to put a fun spin on it)!!

We still aren't in the clear though, we don't have our MOWA (Ministry of Women's Affairs) letter & we will need that letter before we pass court. HOPEFULLY (my favorite word) we will get this letter before August 7th, because on August 7th the courts close for three months. That means if they do not receive the MOWA letter by August 7th, we may have to wait for court closure before we pass court. "What does that mean" you ask? Well, it means that we wouldn't pass court until after the courts reopen. It would mean that we would not get an Embassy date until 6-8 weeks after that court date. It would mean that we could potentially be bringing him home in January... "Seriously" you ask?!? Yes, because our adoption would not be "our" adoption without some type of stipulation on it!! So, I am not going to be completely calmed down until we pass court.

The best case scenario is that we would be coming home with court clearance and then we can plan our second trip to Ethiopia. Oh, and we could finally POST PICTURES of our little man! We received our Social Report for him, so we have 15 new pictures of the CUTEST little guy in the world! He has curly brown hair, and two little teeth, and a BIT cheeky smile, and a twinkle in his eye that says "Mama, I'm gonna get into LOTS of trouble". And I can't WAIT to see what trouble he is going to give us!

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