Sunday, July 4, 2010


We are off to Ethiopia... tentatively speaking of course! We have a "tentative" court date in Ethiopia on July 29th. So what does that mean? Well, it means we are "tentatively" packing for our first trip!

With this new two trip process, there are two court dates. One for the birth family, and one for the adoptive family. So once the birth family passes their court hearing in Ethiopia, our agency will notify us that the Ethiopian courts have confirmed our court date on the 29th. Once we have word from them we will book our flights, and start packing like crazy!!

We will be leaving the US on July 24th (not a special day, just my 30th birthday, what better present), arrive in Addis on the 25th. Not sure of what our schedule will look like, but we will be meeting our little guy and preparing for our court hearing.

I'm not trying not to get too excited right now, because we have had SO many delays it wouldn't surprise me that this gets delayed too. So I just sit with my fingers, arms, legs, toes, and eyes crossed until they tell me that we are ready to roll (errr, I mean fly). Then I will probably start hyperventilating because that means I will be meeting little man soon! Hang on Mr. Man, Mom is coming soon (oh and Dad too, but Mom is way cooler, trust me)!!

We will keep you all posted as we hear more!!


  1. So excited for you! I am anxiously watching how this two trip thing works. I hope lal goes well and you get that amazing birthday present.

  2. We are over the moon excited for you guys! We're praying that all goes well and smoothly for you and baby E! Lots of hugs!!!

  3. So exciting!!! We are sure hoping to get good news this week too! We are both getting close!!! Any idea how long it will be b/t the two trips?

  4. I have been keeping your family in my prayers Jennifer! I just know you will be hearing GREAT news soon & Abby will be here before you know it! We are thinking 6-8 weeks, but really who knows with this new process. We are going to be in the first group traveling for our agency under the two trip rule. So we will have to see how it all goes!