Wednesday, September 29, 2010

An Angel for Leo

I have been thinking about this a lot the past couple of weeks. I look at Leo and I see so much of my Dad. I sit and think "Dad would get the biggest kick out of Leo right now". And it's hard for me to say that "Dad would love this", because I know that he DOES love Leo. Because you see, I am quite sure that Leo has a Guardian Angel watching over him right now. An Angel that whispers in his ear "just a little faster, and you COULD make it to the Dog's dish, and it will be SO much fun"; one that pokes Leo in the belly while he is sleeping, to make him laugh in his dreams; one that says "hey Leo, puppies ARE fun, you should play with all of them...", and "it's okay to torment Rosie, she needs it".

I look at my son, and I know in my heart that the same blood did not run in my Dad and Leo's veins. But I find it funny that the month my Dad passed away was the month that Leo gained 2.2 pounds in Ethiopia. And then I see Leo giving off this huge, no-holds-bar grin, from ear to ear, and I can't help but think of Dad's goofy grin. The other day I made the comment "I'm a little worried about school with Leo... I have a feeling we have a class clown on our hands", and my next thought was how much my Dad always loved to goof around and play jokes on people. And I see how much Leo chases after his sister, and gets a kick out tormenting Miss E... Now, I'm not saying that Dad loved tormenting his big sister, but he DID always love a good poke at her.

And now I can't help but wonder where else Leo's angel will lead him. Some good places I'm sure, and more often than not some mischievous places. Honestly, it makes me exhausted to think about raising a little Graydon Leo. But it puts a smile on my face, and slightly heals the place in my heart that misses my Dad so much.

Thanks for watching over him Dad, it makes us so happy to know that you are around to watch over us. But could you do me a favor? Tell him to be easy on Rosie, she needs a little break!

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