Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Little about Leo...

He's a lover, not a fighter... Unless his sister's hair is involved, then he doesn't give up the fight..

He's a talker (who knows what he is saying, but we love listening to his jabber).

He moves like a bat out of... well, you know where.

He moves at lightening speed when the gate is open to the kitchen (to get to the dog's dish), and also when the bathroom door is open (the toilet bowl brush is fascinating).

He will get up on his hands and knees, and he will rock, rock, rock... and then drop to his belly and army crawl across the floor.

He really likes baths.

He can get the entire living room rug wet when he splashes in his little bath tub.

He can no longer take baths in the living room.

He likes to explore.

He gets stuck under chairs. A lot.

He follows us all over the house.

He likes to pat your cheek.

Pat-a-cake is a GREAT game in his eyes.

If you want to hear him giggle, play peek a boo.

He has THE BEST giggle.

Sometimes he stops breathing when he giggles.

Don't continue to make him giggle when he isn't breathing anymore.

He likes to talk himself to sleep, but don't talk back because he won't go to sleep then.

He loves a good back massage (just like his Mommy).

He is stuck under my chair now.

He grunts like a boy. A lot.

His poop face is even cuter than Miss E's (and he has to go into the crawling position to poop).

He likes to look out the front door.

Trees fascinate him.

He is not afraid of grass.

Swinging was a little scary at first, but now he thinks it's kinda cool.

He LOVES food.

He finds the smallest things on the floor, and he puts them in his mouth.

He just now finally admitted to me that he was stuck under my chair (so like a man).

He has his Daddy wrapped, just like his sister does.

He doesn't like baby toys, he likes Miss E's toys.

His sister can do no wrong in his eyes.

He has already had his sister's bedroom door slammed in his face 5 times.

Doors slamming in his face make him cry.

His sister is still warming up to him. But she is very good at calming him down when he is crying.

He has a pretty cute cry, and a GREAT chin quiver.

He has the best smile.

He is the perfect little boy.

We are SO blessed! Love ya Leo!


  1. Love, Love, Love. What a sweet boy. But does he like puppies?

  2. I am very happy for you guys! He seems like such a happy and lovely baby. Please tell him that I can speak his native language, Amharic and someday, I would like to tell him some Ethiopian stories.

  3. You need to make a YouTube video of his laugh, just so I can hear it again. I loved his laugh!