Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Things I Wish my 2 Year Old Knew...

  • Just how much I love her.
  • That patience IS a virtue.
  • What "virtue" means.
  • Hand washing after going potty is not an option, it's a priority.
  • That no matter how many tantrums Emme throws, Mommy will always come back with a kiss and a hug.
  • No, Daddy is NOT a prince.
  • Learning to say "I'm sorry" will be one of the HARDEST things she will ever learn.
  • That when she is 30, she is STILL learning how to say "I'm sorry".
  • That she shouldn't look to Mommy as an example, because Mommy still has a a lot to learn.
  • That after everything Mommy went through to bring her into this world, she would do it all again and more if it meant that Emme would grow up to be the beautiful little girl that she is.
  • Princesses are pretty cool, but I'm not quite sure it's the career path she should take.
  • If she REALLY wants to pursue the whole "princess" thing, we will support her.
  • When Mommy hits Daddy, she is just being playful.
  • Emme is NOT being playful when she hits Leo.
  • She shouldn't hit her brother.
  • What "playful" means.
  • Just how cute she sounds when she pats my cheek and says "You okay Mommy?"
  • I will ALWAYS be okay with that cheek pat is around.
  • Dinosaurs are NOT real, so there is no need to be scared that they are going to get you.
  • The dinosaur at the Museum is a pretend dinosaur.
  • What "pretend" means.
  • We gave her a sibling because it was the greatest gift we could give her.
  • Learning to share is hard (for everyone).
  • Someday she will appreciate having Leo around (sure she may be 25, but it WILL happen).
  • Leo thinks she is the coolest thing since sliced bread.
  • Just how great of a 2 year old she is... We love you Emme!!

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  1. Very cool. I would love for my almost 2 year old to know a lot of those things too. She wants to be Dora...sigh...and she used to be afraid of her shadow :) Life with 2 year olds sure is fun. I can't wait for Kiya to have a little brother. Enjoy your two adorable kids :)