Monday, December 13, 2010

Leo laughs again!

Okay, Leo has laughed a lot since our last video! His little giggle is so infectious, and it is the most memorable thing about him. He gets quite a crowd when he starts laughing! Here is the perfect example. The following video is from our trip to the Children's Museum on Halloween. The SDSU Jackrabbit was very scary to Miss E, but little Little Man thought he was HILARIOUS (and yes at first it sounds like he is crying, but he is actually giggling)...


Again, where have we been!

It's been busy around our house lately! This weekend we had our first weekend in months where we did not have to travel outside of the city limits. There was a blizzard warning out, so we didn't want to leave the house too much. With the cold weather I decided it was the perfect time for Christmas baking! So I baked, and then baked some more, and then baked EVEN more! We now have a house full of fudge, cinnamon rolls, peanut butter balls, haystacks, peppermint bark, and cookies... I'm not even done yet, but I am close!

I have also started another part time job. I am helping a Chiropractor's office with their marketing. It's a fun job that I can do entirely from home. I have really enjoyed the research I have done so far, and I look forward to creating their marketing calendar! It's also nice to be able to use my degree somewhat (something I haven't gotten to do entirely since college).

Trent has been doing great, and he is helping me a lot with the kids! I've been getting overwhelmed with the holidays, the second job, and just basic housekeeping. Trent has been so supportive, and I can't thank him enough for that! He has been somewhat busy at work (more busy than he has since the recession hit Brookings), so the extra time has been good for him. He luckily never lost his job with the market the way it is, but he has been down to 40 hours now for a year and a half. Before that he was always working at least 50 hour weeks. So it's nice to see some work right before the holidays. However, I'm sure it will slow down again after Christmas.

We both are still adjusting to having two kids. I actually have a half post that's been sitting out in blogland about this topic. I prepared Emme for having a sibling, I prepared myself for bonding with him, but I NEVER prepared myself for having two kids. And having two kids that are 15 months apart! It's been an experience, but we are all getting the hang of it (slowly, but we are getting there).

The kids are doing great. Miss E's imagination is running wild now, and she is making us laugh a lot! Just last week she was playing in her Cozy Coupe Little Tikes car (it's Leo's really, but she thinks it's hers). Trent and I were making dinner, and all of the sudden I heard "I want some chicken, and burgers, and chocy milk". I look over and she is yelling into the oven window. We realized that she was ordering food from a drive thru! Does that show you how much we have been on the go lately?!? She would REALLY like for Santa to turn her into a princess, but I don't know if that wish will be coming true this year... And she has been getting a lot better with her little brother. We still have a few moments every day, but she is now learning the rules on dealing with him.

Leo is such a fun kid to have around! He is very vocal. He has said "hat", "one", "two", "hello", "hi", "mama", and "Dad". Actually Leo's favorite word is "Dad". It is so cute, he looks at Trent and says "DAD" in this wobbly little voice! He is constantly copying noises he hears, and you can just see his mind a-working trying to figure out how to talk like us! Mr. Man is SO close to walking, he just doesn't have the self esteem yet. He barely hangs onto us when walking, but he panics when we let go. Last night he took a few steps for me, so we were excited to see him trying now!! He turned the big OH-ONE a couple of weeks ago, and he is getting to be such a big boy.

Leo has been battling ear infections for the last month & a half. He has now been on three different antibiotics. It didn't help that on top of the ear infections he has dealt with two new teeth and pink eye. Needless to say, we haven't gotten tons of sleep around here in the last month. His teeth have now cut through, so his sleeping has been better. And he has been a lot happier this last week. So things may be looking up!

I guess that's about all I have for now! We just got a new computer, because our old PC has been on the verge of collapse for sometime now. The modem went out on it, so we have a new laptop that I'm now in love with. I'm just starting my research, but I think I can legally leave my husband for a piece of machinery. Don't quote me on that though, I'm still trying to figure that one out! But downloading picture can now be done faster (my card reader was out on my computer as well), so there may be quite a few picture posts in the near future!

Ta-ta for now!