Monday, January 17, 2011

We're Goin' on a Kitty Hunt!

This is how we spend our cold winter nights nowadays...


Things my daughter says...

While Miss E was dancing with her Dad, she twirled out and waited... Trent said "Emme are you coming back?" Emme replied "Daddy, Daddy... Jazz Hands!" And the funniest part was watching Trent pull out his Jazz Hands for his little girl!

"Ee-yo pizza is from Aprica" (translation: Leo Habsisa is from Africa) When asked where she is from, she usually says "I from Aprica too!" And I usually respond with "No, you are from Mommy's tummy." One day she said "Oh, I get it... I from Mommy's tummy, and Ee-yo is from Daddy's butt!" Uhh, could someone please discuss this with her a little better? Because I can't keep a straight face when she says things like this!

One day she got in trouble at daycare for spitting. When asked why she got in trouble that day, she said "I spit on my Buddy, and I yiked it."

At the Ethiopian restaurant, she stood on the stage singing "Someday my Pince Yill Come!" And then she yelled out to me "Mommy, 'mere! Yet's be preety bayeenas!" (translation: Let's be pretty ballerinas".

And randomly throughout the day, she will say "Mommy, someday my Pince YILL come!" Like I don't believe her Prince will come, so she has to remind me of that fact while we are walking to the car, or going potty, or when she is avoiding going to sleep.

"Oh My! She is SO Preety!" This is said ABOUT twenty times a day, and it can be in reference to her dolls, her princess movie, or even when Leo is ready for the day!

"Mommy, I YIKE Ee-yo!" And I responded with "I am so gladd that you like Leo! Do you LOVE Leo?" I was met with silence on that question...

Oh this funny, FUNNY little girl sure does keep us on our toes!

Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm not a good person...

I'm not a good person just because I have adopted a child. I'm not a pillar of the community, and you should NOT look to me for inspiration in your life. I'm just a Mom, standing in front of her son, asking him to love her... Okay that might sound like Notting Hill, but I really do look to Julia Roberts for inspiration in most of my life.

All kidding aside, I get tired of everyone telling me how good I am. The last thing I feel when I am still in pajamas at 11:00 am, with boogers smeared on my shirt, a milk soaked sock on & the beautiful aroma of dirty diapers lingering in the air, is like a good person. Now you can say stuff about how absolutely gorgeous I am, or how seemingly organized I am (especially when I'm standing in the WalMart parking lot frantically searching for my keys, that are actually in my coat pocket), or you can tell me that I have never looked more tired happy...

But PLEASE don't tell me that I should be commended for adopting. I just wanted to be a Mom. No one commends me on parenting Miss E, who at times can be WAY more demanding than Little Leo! This is probably the most common comment we get when we are in public, and it has really surprised me how much we hear it. Currently, the comments go in one ear and out the other.

But I worry about when Leo is older, and he understands what is being said. I don't want him to feel that he owes us anything for parenting him. We are the ones who brought him into this family, it wasn't his decision. So he should not be thanking us for the decision we made. He will most likely deal with a lot of grief. Some grief I don't know if I can begin to comprehend. Because I know my birth family, I was never removed from my birth culture, and I never lost close ties to people that loved me at an early age. And just because he was an infant when he lost these things, doesn't mean that he will not grieve the loss at some point. Just today I was playing a children's cd that we bought in Ethiopia. Once the music started Leo stared at the stereo, and clung to me. It brought tears to my eyes that he seemed so scared and clingy when listening to this music from his birth country.

So yes, I get a little annoyed when people try to tell me that I am savior to this child. Because I sure don't feel like one when I see him scared like that, or when I think of the loss this little boy had to go through at such a young age. Because in fact WE are the lucky ones, he is the one who saved this Momma from going crazy with want for a little baby boy. We are so lucky to have this amazing little man in our lives, and I hope I can repay him someday for all of the joy he has brought into our lives.