Monday, May 9, 2011

For All the Mama's in Our Life...

This post was for yesterday, but I never got around to writing it. It kept rolling around my head, so I had to let it out...

I wanted to thank all of the Mother's in my life. So many of you have shaped me into the person I am today. I have learned something from all the mother's that surround me. And I don't know if I would be the Mom that I am without their influence. I wanted to personally thank some very special mother's that help not only me, but my children as well.

First and foremost, my Mother. She is an amazing woman who gave everything for her children. She is the ultimate Mom, who has so many more children than the four of us. Growing up, I can't even count the number of times my friends would count my Mom as their Mom too. She is there to sympathize when we need sympathy, to pick us up when we are down, and to push us on when we seem stuck. Thank you Mom for being the amazing woman you are. Your support, your strength, and your love is what has kept me going for 30 years. I love you!

Next up, my Mother-in-Law. My children are so lucky to have this strong, compassionate woman to call "Grandma" (Trent and I are pretty lucky too). We truly appreciate her assistance in raising our family. She has always stood behind our family, advocating for us and cheering us along the way. She is always the first to be at our house when we need help, and she is always asking to do more. We wouldn't be the family that we are today without your help. Thank you Kathy for showing me that unconditional love for your children will not just stop when they are young, that it only strengthens as your children (and their families) grow up.

There is one amazing Mom in my life that I probably quote about 5 times a week. She is a full time Mom, that is always working for her children. Her insight into parenthood, health, and the Royal Wedding are profound. This is the woman I call right after my own Mom, and she has known me just as long. She is the one I always wanted to be when I grow up (I still do). She is the one that will listen to me complain, who will listen to me cry, and the one I have clung to through the most difficult times in my life. She makes me laugh, she makes me cook (because she has some pretty amazing recipes), and she makes me want to be a better Mother. Thank you Cindy for being such a great sister, friend, and Mother!

I have one friend that has been with me from the beginning of my journey through motherhood (as I have been there for hers). We have experienced pregnancies together, an adoption, children's ear infections, children's constipation, discipline issues, and major life changes. Although we have only known each other for 4.5 years, it feels as though we have known each other so much longer than that. It has been amazing to have a confidante in motherhood. Someone that knows just as much about my kids as I do. Someone that can walk into my house, sit down with my kids, and know exactly what they need. Thank you Katy for such a great friend (and you can copy me whenever you want)!

My Book Club Mom's have become such important women in my life. Each one an amazing Mom (except for Audrey), and each one giving me support in various parts of my life (except for Audrey). Just kidding Audrey, you are an amazing Mom and I am so happy to have you in my life! But don't let it get out that I said anything about you being "amazing". Jess, you are so... so... so RELIABLE! You are a strong person, a GREAT friend, and fun person to see... at every event! If you stop reading the books, then we will have to stop calling it "book club" because the rest of us aren't as reliable! To Peyton, who has the patience of a saint and is such a FUN person to talk to. Your support and guidance has been amazing, and Miss E. still asks for you about every other day! Becky, you are the nicest person I know (it's probably because we're distantly related). You have an amazing family, and your passion for your job is SO admirable! Anna, you are so much fun to talk to about so many different topics. And I am humbled to be able to call a chieftess (sp?) a friend (do we have to bow down to you, or not? I always forget). And most recently Sara! My kids love you SO much, and I truly appreciate your help as we have transitioned to a family of four. I'm so excited you have joined our amazing group that we call "book club"... Although it would be more appropriate to call it "Mom's Club that meets monthly to get us out of the house on Sundays".

There is one Mom that has been my adoption partner in crime. We talk on the phone at least weekly. We discuss hard topics like adoption, trans racial families, infertility, and potty training. We met by chance, and we have become forever friends. I'm pretty sure if we lived in the same town we would never leave each other's side. Thank you Nikki for the late night phone calls, for the great advice, and for the Gap money from God (He is truly giving, isn't He?!?). I can't wait for Baby I to come home!

Lastly, I wanted to say thank you to my oldest and dearest friends. All the amazing Mom's that I don't get to see as much as I like. But when we do see each other, we can always pick up on each other's life. You are all amazing women that have been with me from way back. We have some pretty fun memories, and we are always creating better ones every time we get together. I love seeing you become some of the most amazing Mom's, Mom's to be, and practically Mom's I have ever met. Happy Mother's Day Jill, Roni, Sarah, Jill, Sonia, Brandi, and Nikki'! We've come a long way from Carey's (although we would all go back in a second if it meant cheap beer, our pajama's, the dueling banjos, and the best dart games ever).

There are so many more women I could list off right now, but I would never stop! It's true when the say that "it takes a village to raise a child", because I don't know if I would have made it this far without MY village. All of these amazing women (and many more) have made me more patient, more creative, more smarter (just kidding... I think), and more compassionate. Thank you to every single one of you. You are all truly amazing women that I aspire to be!

To all the amazing Mama's in my life, and across the world, I hope you felt the immense love that surrounds you as we celebrated Motherhood yesterday. I wish you joy in your journey as a Mother, I wish you peace in your decisions, and I wish you perseverance in the hardest job known to humankind. Happy Day After Mother's Day!

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