Monday, April 30, 2012

She's a Talker!

Please excuse the bedhead, and YES she did ask for "Justen the Beaver" (we were checking things out on Netflix and she saw the Bieber movie).  Man, this girl cracks me up!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Oh the Places We'll Go!

Ergh, is this thing on?  Oh it is?  Oops!

So yes, it has been awhile since I have updated this blog.  We have experienced some changes in our life, and I still feel that we are trying to get into a "new" routine.

Our biggest change has been that we moved!  Trent was offered a job in a bigger city, and with this new job I am able to stay home with the kids.  So within a month and a half we packed up our lovely little house, and headed to parts unknown.  It was a whirlwind of a move, and I still have moments where I can't believe we actually did it!
Although we LOVE living where we live, the transition has been somewhat difficult on the kids.  Little Miss had a hard first week, and she still asks to go back to our old house (on occasion, 7 months later).  Little Man initially took to the move.  After the first of the year he started regressing in his attachment, and also started showing different behavior than what we have ever seen from him.  I was torn, is this age related?  Is it adoption related?  Is it something I fed him?  I had no idea, and I felt lost.  I was calling Trent regularly during the day in tears.  I was furiously reading every single parenting book I came across.  Nothing was helping with his aggression.  His need to constantly GO.  His inability to hear anything remotely close to "no". 

So we stepped back, and looked for help outside of the home.  It has been a slow go, but it's getting better.  Somewhere along the way, my son and I have lost some of our attachment.  We are now growing back together again.  He has been turning to me a bit more, attempting to make eye contact with me.  But it is still very fragile. Mr. Man has also been diagnosed with sensory integration disorder, which we are waiting to get into therapy.  We are in the middle of a giant learning curve right now.

My boy has already shown some AMAZING transformations in the last few months.  He has amazed me with his intellect, his perceptiveness, and his will to change.  These traits may be hard to parent at the age of 2, but I can already tell how amazing he will be as an adult. 

As for Miss E?  She is so much fun to watch grow.  Her flair for drama, her way with words, and her ability to love everyone has been flourishing every day.  That big sunny smile can light up the room, and she has everyone wrapped around her finger in a moment.  She is preparing for preschool next year, and she is ready to take on the world. 

My goal is to get back into blogging, to start recording our family's growth.  I would like to update the blog once a week, but I will keep you posted on how that goes!