Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Emmelina the Ballerina

Emme was so excited to start Ballet this week!

She practices her ballet almost every day (can't you tell by her form!?!)

So much joy when she dances!

Such concentration!

Such cuteness!

Yes, she likes to raise her hand.  And ask questions.  And tattle.  Oy, such a teacher's pet!

Again, can you believe her perfect form? 

The tap-tap-tappy (as she calls it) is her favorite part of class!

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  1. Hey there. Just getting caught up. Such relief with the diagnosis and ot. slowly slowly the turtle gets himself there. You need any sensory activities let me know- i've found big heavy work helps OH.SO.VERY. MUCH! Bowling! Gymnastic hanging from bars type stuff too.