Wednesday, June 6, 2012

OT Update

Well, we had some issues between the facility we chose and our insurance.  So we have decided to move to a new facility. Delays, delays, delays.  But we were able to get into the new facility fairly quick, and we have our second evaluation tomorrow morning.  We will wait for the results (which we kinda already know, but the new facility has to do their own evaluation), and then set up OT. 

It's been a long week for us.  Leo was up all Sunday night with a barky cough, and he was (naturally) screaming through a lot of it.  I felt horrible for my little man!  We took him in and he had croup and a double ear infection!  No wonder he was so miserable, and it came on SO quick!  The nurse gave him some shots (which wasn't fun right away), but by the next morning he was back to normal.

Hope to have some answers for OT by Friday or Monday, and hopefully we can get started ASAP!  We are also looking into a weighted blanket for him, he still can't sleep through the night.  Just one more reason why I'm anxious for OT!

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